Metal Detectors

We have a simple range of three different metal detectors that cover most applications.
Reject Systems

Our metal detectors can be purchased as standalone conveyor based detectors, however we can also provide reject conveyors and bins as required.


Our metal detectors can detect down to 0.8mm Ferrous and 1.2mm Stainless Steel depending on aperture size and product.

Spares & Support

We carry a full range of spares on stock at our warehouse. All of our machines are built to be easy to service and repair. Spare parts are low cost and our call out rates for repairs and maintenance are extremely competitive.

Maintenance & Servicing

If you would like to keep your machine running smoothly, we recommend taking out one of our maintenance contracts. Our contracts include regular servicing, spare parts and labour for the lifetime of the contact. Contact us to find out more.

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General information

Metal detectors are becoming much more common place in many packaging and processing facilities.

Sending out consumable products containing metal could be extremely dangerous as well as potentially disastrous for business and can result in huge additional cost for materials or masses of returned product that requires repacking.

Have you checked if you need to detect?

There are many more regulations as standard for most consumable product packing operations that state that metal detecting is required by law and many accreditation will require you to detect down to a particular size of metal per pack.

It is always worth checking out if you need to add metal detecting to your operation as the ramifications of running without one could be devastating.

These days traceability is key and with one of our metal detectors in-line, you won’t need to worry about regulations or accreditations.

High accuracy with easy setup.

With an extremely simple setup process and ergonomic user interface, our metal detectors are designed to be reliable, yet simple to use even by the most novice of operators.

Come to us to test your product on our demo machine and walk away with a no-obligation quotation.

We normally have demo a unit setup in our workshop ready to go. If you’d like to see it working and even test out your own products on it then please contact us to arrange a visit. We can also go through our range with you face to face and work out our most competitive prices for your application.

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Model Variations


Aperture: 300mm (W) x 100mm (H)
Sensitivity: 0.8mm FE, 1.2mm SUS304
Belt Speed: 22m/min


Aperture: 400mm (W) x 150mm (H)
Sensitivity: 1mm FE, 1.5mm SUS304
Belt Speed: 22m/min


Aperture: 500mm (W) x 200mm (H)
Sensitivity: 1mm FE, 2mm SUS304
Belt Speed: 22m/min

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